Metal Stamping


  • Take your time. There’s nothing like getting to the end of a piece and then stamping a letter sideways!

  • Plan your spacing before you start.

  • Softer metals are easier to work with. 

  • If you can’t get a good impression with one hammer strike, use the tilt-and-tap method

    • Angle your stamp towards North and hammer once

    • Without moving the stamp, tilt towards South, hammer once

    • Repeat with an Eastward tilt

    • Repeat with a Westward tilt

Building a Starter Kit

  • 4x4 steel bench block. At least ½” in depth but ¾” or 1” depth is even better

  • A basic set of steel stamps made for metal stamping; don’t forget to check the size

  • A brass hammer

  • Black sharpie or stamping enamel

  • Metal to stamp. I recommend aluminum to begin with because it is soft and will not tarnish. 

  • Additional tools depending on what you’re making

    • For bracelets, a pair of bracelet bending pliers

    • For necklaces, something to make holes in the metal, and jump rings that will fit through that size hole. Also, two pairs of flat-nose pliers to open and close the jump rings

    • For keychains, same as necklaces plus some large circular split-rings

Resources for Tools and Tutorials - My site, with links to these resources! You can also always e-mail me questions at - A wide selection of tools and tutorials and my one-stop shop for everything metal stamping. Their customer service is fabulous and their made-in-house stamps are very high quality. They also have a fantastic facebook group where people ask questions. - A good selection of stamps and metal blanks for beginners. Not my main supplier for “design” stamps, but their aluminum blanks and letter stamps are my go-tos. Beaducation stocks their products too. - Crisp design and letter stamps. - Tapered design and letter stamps from Morando tools. I have one custom set from them and it’s the easiest font to line up straight. - More beautiful design and letter stamps, as well as some lovely minimalistic acrylic stamp holders. - Still the cheapest and quickest place to get some things if you have Prime. I order blue ammo boxes from there to hold my stamps that don’t come in an easy container. Use the links above to support Studio Raza while you shop!