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All sterling silver will tarnish over time as it is exposed to air. You can slow the process by keeping your silver in an air-tight bag, or an enclosed jewelry case. When it begins to tarnish, it is easy to restore the full luster of silver using a polishing cloth or toothpaste. 
Silver should never be exposed to chlorine, otherwise it will develop a dark black oxidation layer. This can be cleaned or polished off, but it is much easier to prevent than remedy.

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Gold-filled pieces consist of a thick 14K gold layer over a brass or base metal core. Unlike gold-plated work, the gold layer is thick enough that it will not rub off with general wear. Gold-filled is an accessible medium for those who are not prepared to pay the high price of solid gold. 

Gold takes a long time to tarnish, but can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth if needed. 

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Copper is a beautiful medium that naturally tarnished from a radiant rose-gold color to a matte, earthy tone with exposure to air. If you want to slow down the oxidation process, it is best to keep your copper pieces in an air-tight bag or container. One a piece begins to tarnish, it can be cleaned with a polishing cloth.

Many people experience a “reaction” to copper that leaves a green color on their skin. This is a completely normal occurrence due to the copper oxidation, and not an allergic reaction. If you do not enjoy the green color transfer, you cain paint the piece with clear nail polish here it touches the skin. The green also washes off easily from skin with soap and water. 

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Vitreous enamel is a form of glass, and should be handled just as carefully. The glass may crack or shatter if dropped or hit significantly with another object. 

You can extend the life of your enamel pieces by storing them in a soft velveteen or cotton bag, or a jewelry case. We also recommend keeping them somewhere without large temperature fluctuations, which can increase the stresses in your enamel pieces and lead to cracking. 

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Aluminum is a very soft, but non-reactive metal. This makes it an ideal choice for those with metal allergies, and those who don’t want to deal with cleaning oxidation from their jewelry. To clean any grunge from your aluminum jewelry, you can simply use some dawn soap and water! 


Care for your aluminum pieces by keeping them separated from hard or sharp objects, which can scratch or dent the metal. 

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